Impact of COVID into Music Industry

The most affected industry of music by coronavirus pandemic is the live music industry. As we see the whole world facing the challenge and almost every industry is affected by pandemic but if we talk about the highly affected industry then the live music industry falls on that list. Almost, every show worldwide either gets canceled or postponed due to this pandemic.

Experts and Analysts say the live music industry will lose billions. There are lots of shows around the world got canceled due to COVID pandemic, either the artist tours or music festival like Tomorrowland everything got canceled due to pandemic. In this show where thousands and thousands of music lovers witness the shows and involve lots of financial terms that will cut down this year and affect the economy of the music industry.

The Indian music industry is also facing the effect of the COVID pandemic. Not only the music industry but also the event and entertainment industry facing the same issues. In India, where an independent artist with short of budget, they mainly promoting their music by shows affected the most.